The Start of April

Hi Everyone!


It is hard to believe we are entering into the last three months of Grade 1! Time sure flies when you are having fun.

The photos below are of some of our highlights from the past few weeks. We did our gymnastics unit, had a STEM challenge (build the a maze with Lego that took the longest time to solve), some outdoor school adventures, Purple Day celebrations, saying goodbye to our ED2500 student Mr. Diaz and trying out Kevin’s VR goggles!

Students are placed into new reading groups this month and their growth has been incredible! It is such an exciting time of the year and watching them grow and bloom never grows old.

We have a packed three months ahead and a lot of special events coming up. Please check out the monthly calendars in the agenda for opportunities to join us!

This coming week on Tuesday we will be going to see our Gr. 5 buddies in the Willy Wonka play at Wilson.

We will also be getting our groups for “Stores”. You might have heard rumors about our store project at home by now but what it is, is a partner project where the students will get a chance to design, create, market and build their own store. They will put together a physical location (usually made out of boxes) and have to hand-make products to sell (we like to narrow it down to one to two products). They can’t use anything already assembled and are encouraged to use found objects, recycling, natural objects and art supplies to create a product to sell (feel free to send things our way). They will go through everything from signage and marketing to pricing their products with the goal of making the most money on the official “STORE DAY”. Their products must be priced less than $1.00. On STORE DAY they will bring $5.00 change (in coins) and will have a chance to shop at each others stores. The store which makes the most money will be the most successful store, although the real success is the process (like most things). All of the money will be sent to a predetermined charity or cause (which the Gr. 1 students decide). This project exposes the students to a wide variety of skills including skip counting, numbers to 100, counting, money skills, partnership, cooperation, literacy, economics, marketing, communication, strategy, innovation, critical thinking, product design, applying multiple literacies and applying career and life skills. This is hands down one of my favorite things we will do this year. As the STORE DAY draws near, we will send out an invitation to invite you. At the moment it is looking like it will be sometime in early May. Feel free to begin to point out things at the stores you may visit with your little and start looking at money together!

How is the One School One Book project going? Any feedback so far?

Keep in touch,

Mrs. Harris


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