December FUN!

Hello Families,


I just wanted to share a little bit of the fun we have been having this month. There has been so many exciting events (daily) so it has been hard to capture it all, but here is a snap shot into our classroom.

We have moved word wall words so that we do our spelling sheet Wednesday morning and get our new words Wednesday afternoon. This gives you the weekend to work on reading and writing and playing with these words!


Here is a list of our COMPLETE word wall for the year. We are current on week 9 (45 words in)! Some parents had been wanting to see the whole list… so here it is!


Grade 1 Word Wall Words (in order by week, there are 5 words/week)!

These are the most common 150 words in print!


Can go the I is

A little to you an

Up come look and in

We said has not my

Went like play did who

Down jump had run back

Make ate going no big

Funny see it let was

His or as want new

From must at right with

They us find will by

Saw over help please what

This pretty do would me

Ran too came them boy

Are take for girl old

Your he say after well

Soon house long other because

Under so get she that

When of good away use

How eat be very got

Off called may round out

Only have am could but

Open if every been write

Were stop about on know

Ride put now ask there

Live yes walk think looked

First just her people where

All again our here many

Some him into their these

Once its then which before


This week we also said goodbye to our ED2500 practicum student Miss Haskins. She was such a gift to our classroom. Our Monday and Wednesday mornings will feel so strange without her!

I wanted to thank you all for the way you have supported our advent this year. So many of you reached out and wanted to offer your time or items towards our fun! Thanks again for being such a wonderful community!


We just wrapped up our first writing unit “Small Moment Stories”, so you will find your child’s writing work in their backpack! Enjoy reading their incredible work!


Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Harris



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