Three Week Recap and HELLO NOVEMBER!

Hello Parents,

First of all, I am so sorry to be behind on our blog! I really can’t express how busy I have been over these past three weeks! My husband and I opened a new business, one of my close friends had surgery and her family has needed lots of support and teachers have been working on assessments and report cards! It’s been very full, but life seems to be finding a new rhythm now (phew)!

Life in Grade 1 has been wonderful! It seems like we have all settled into routines and it’s a time where relationships really start to deepen. I am really enjoying this group of students.

We’ve started our adding and subtracting unit in Math, which is so much fun! We’ve done mini reading assessments to see what “good fit books” should be in our book boxes. We won’t start home reading yet, but we are going to be working on shared reading, guided reading and reading strategies at school. This group has really impressed me with their enthusiasm for reading and writing so far this year. I am so thrilled about that!

Our last STEM challenge was very fun! We read the Three Billy Goats Gruff and the students had to make a bridge strong enough to hold three goats and long enough to span 30 cm. I have never seen a group with such a high success rate. They also made their bridges in record time! They are so creative!

I am really looking forward to our chance to sit down together over parent teacher interviews on November 23rd! Please call the office and book your appointments. It is such a valuable time to meet and discuss your child.

Also, I only have 5 parent volunteer forms back (Oliver, Faith, Theo, Isabella and Zach). So if you are hoping to join us this year, you will need to have that filled out. Need a new form? Stop in to see Mrs. Harmon at the office.

As for this week, we are off to Outdoor School on Tuesday (feel free to join us), we will be starting our class garden (shhhhh, the students don’t know yet) :), and we have crazy hair day as a school on Friday!

I hope your long weekend is full of rest and fun! Let’s keep in touch!

With love,

Mrs. Harris


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