Welcome to Our Grade One Community!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome here! This space is a place we will return to many times throughout the year to celebrate your child’s learning, growth, achievements and adorableness (who are we kidding?). It is with great anticipation that I look forward to our first day of school and the many more days that we will have ahead together.

WARNING! This year is going to fly by and it will be packed with fun and new experiences for your child. One of the reasons why I have this space online is to bridge the home school connection. Often, our littles aren’t very good at telling us “what they learned in school today”. Take an opportunity on the weekends to sit down and scroll through the photos and have a meaningful conversation about their learning. Take the opportunity to ask less questions and see what kind of things they’d like to tell you. I will update the blog with mainly photos every Friday afternoon.

Another reason this space exists is to help keep you in the know. You will notice a green agenda in your child’s backpack which they are responsible for writing in. Sometimes the information we need to share is longer than they are able to write out in their agenda, so an earth-friendly way to share information has become the blog (bye, bye papers) – I know I have enough loose papers in my life!

Lastly, feel free to share this link with Grandmas or Grandpas or faraway loved ones who would like to be connected to your child’s life! Over the years I have received many messages from far away loved ones who enjoyed being able to stay connected to their family’s daily story.

I can’t wait to get to know you this year!

With love,

Mrs. Harris


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